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Mining jumbos

Sandvik mining jumbos are designed to work in the toughest conditions. Leading the way to the ore, Sandvik jumbos provide safe operation and high productivity with top quality outcome. Mining jumbo family provides 1-3 booms and efficient rock drills on articulated carrier delivering an optimally shaped coverage area for even the most challenging customer requirements. The well designed structure and proven components keep the Sandvik mining jumbos running continuously.

Mining jumbos

Sandvik mining jumbos are safe, robust, and extremely productive drill rigs for small and medium size tunnels. Each model is available with a wide range of options, to suit various customer needs and mining environments.

Mining jumbos can be equipped with different levels of instrumentation to increase accuracy and provide real-time information on the drilling process.

Models Former name
Drift size class
m (ft)
Booms Max tunnel size
(height x width), m (ft)
DD311 DD310
Axera 5
3x3 (10x10) 1 5.8x7.2 (19'x23'7")
DD321 DD320
Axera 6
4x4 (13x13) 2 6.0x8.8 (19'8"x28'10")
DD421 DD420
Axera 7
4.5x4.5 (15x15) 2 6.6x9.9 (21'8"x32'6")
DD530 Axera 8 5x5 (16x16) 3 7.0x11.5 (23'x37'9")

Narrow vein mining jumbos

Sandvik narrow vein drill rigs are designed to work in narrow reef sections. These drill rigs have optimum drilling coverage and performance, as well as good operator and maintenance ergonomics. They are designed with maximum safety and productivity in mind, resulting in value added benefits for the end user. They are typically used in gold mining for development and production, and offer coverage of up to 26m².

Models Former name
Min. drift size class h x w
Max tunnel
h x w (m)
Rock drill Feed length No. of booms Width
Height (canopy down) mm
DD210 Quasar 1F 2.5x2.5 4.4x5.5 HL510S 8-12' 1 1200 2750