Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Rock tools and systems

Sandvik offers the world’s widest range of tools and accessories for exploration, rock drilling, raise boring, coal and mineral cutting, tunneling, trenching, road grading and cold planing.

As world leaders in steel, hard-materials technology and tool design, our products are renowned for quality, high performance and the lowest cost per unit of work performed. Throughout the world, they continue to raise productivity and enable ever harder rocks and materials to be excavated economically.

Cutting tool systems

Point attack tools, cutting tool systems and ground engaging tools (GET) for mining and construction machines

Tophammer drilling tools

Integral drill steels, drill bits, drill rods, shank adapters, overburden drilling equipment and bit grinding systems

DTH drilling tools

DTH hammers, drill bits and drill tubes. Tool systems for simultaneous drilling and casing through overburden

Raise boring tools and systems

Pilot bits, cutters, saddles, stems, stabilizers and complete raise boring heads for inclined, horizontal, blind-shaft and boxhole boring