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Aluminium Rollers

Aluminium rollers are light-weight and more quiet than steel and are thus becoming more and more of a requirement on installations with strict OH&S codes. Large belt width installations such as coal loading terminals where there are aerial walkways increasingly use aluminium rollers. The corrosion resistance of aluminium rollers is a huge advantage at coastal or high humidity locations.

Features and values

  • Light weight - OH&S benefits.
  • More quiet than steel - OH&S.
  • High tensile strength alloys, no fatigue type failures.
  • Fine tolerance, better TIR than steel.
  • Corrosion resistance ie suitable for highly corrosive environment (salt) etc.
  • Uses less energy (Power Consumption).
  • All aluminium tube flair tested.
  • Can be used in underground applications - depends on local regulations.

Key specifications

Roller diameter
127 - 152 mm
Shaft diameter
27-56 mm
6205, 6305, 6307, 6308, 6309