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Low Noise Rollers

Sandvik manufacture and supply low noise rollers that deliver extensive noise reductions over standard rollers. There are a number of measurements that can be taken with respect to surface profile. Sandvik low noise rollers achieve an excellent Maximum Indicator Slope (MIS) and Total Indicator Reading (TIR) values. As a result of comprehensive testing, it has been identified that the rate of change over the diameter has an influence on the roller noise. If the change in TIR all occurs within a short distance on the surface of the roller then this can a negative effect on noise reduction. All Sandvik low noise rollers are therefore checked to ensure that both the MIS and TIR are within acceptable limits.

Features and values

  • Quiet operation with good dynamic balancing to reduce vibration
  • Sealed for life bearings
  • High quality sealing system
  • Smooth operation with reduced power
  • Long service life
  • Engineered to suit demanding of applications
  • Low noise steel rollers can be supplied galvanized if required

Key specifications

Roller diameter
102-194 mm
Shaft diameter
22-56 mm
6204, 6205, 6305, 6306,
6307, 6308, 6309, 6310