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Frames and belt trackers

Sandvik idler frames, brackets, trackers and belt trainers are designed to promote low rolling resistance, excellent belt support, good belt guidance and long belt life. Fabricated from high-grade steel, all Sandvik frames allow minimal gaps between rollers and are designed to counteract material build-up. Jig-welded for high precision, they have great structural integrity and optimal weight to loadability ratios.

Roller frames and brackets

Sandvik idler frames and brackets are available in a wide range of sizes for belt widths and in various designs for different placements, troughing angles and functional demands, they can be supplied either galvanized or with a painted surface finish. Sandvik idler frames permit great flexibility in conveyor design and idler replacement.


Sandvik idler frames and brackets are precision-engineered to provide rigid support and long service for rollers in the majority of bulk solids conveying applications. Available for belt widths from 500-2000 mm and for rollers up to 159 mm in diameter, they have optimal weight to loadability ratios and can be supplied either galvanized or with a long-lasting painted surface finish.


Roller brackets are designed to mount rollers of a flat conveyor, belt conveyor's return side as well as on belt feeders.

Belt trackers (belt trainers)

Sandvik easy-to-fit belt trackers range from traditional types with side-guiding idlers to the rapid-response Belt Pilot, whose specially borne roller tilts and turns to correct the belt at the very first sign of deviation. For effective training of the return belt, we also offer QR220 series correctors. Mounted above the lower belt, they employ two inverted trough rollers whose width apart is steplessly adjustable.

Models Belt width mm Roller diameter mm
Belt tracking roller 300-2400 159
Trackers return belt 400-1800 89-159
Trackers upper belt 400-2000 108-219