Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Cutting Tool Systems

Sandvik cemented tungsten-carbide tipped cutting tool systems for construction machines are designed to cut and remove material quickly and economically with the least possible energy input. The result is higher productivity with less strain on the machine and lower energy consumption. This, together with long tool life and easy tool changing, ensures minimal downtime and low costs.

Sandvik's comprehensive in-house research and rock test laboratory facilities guarantee the best solution for any rock or ground cutting application.

Cutting tool systems for trenching and foundation drilling

Conical tools, welded cutting tools and blocks, in many geometries, for a wide range of applications in trenching, terrain levelling and foundation drilling.
Sandvik offers a wide range of carbide tips to suit all materials to cut.
Maintenance accessories are also available.

Cutting tool systems for grading

Sandvik system 2000 tool systems for motor graders, designed to handle a variety of applications, such as gravel reclamation, gravel maintenance, oil road reclamation, asphalt planing, ice and snow removal, removal of potholes and washboards on dirt and gravel roads.
Sandvik offers a wide range of conical tools for grader blades type S19, S22, S25, S35 and maintenance accessories.

Cutting tool systems for road planing and reclaiming

Sandvik tool systems for road planing and reclaiming applications provide extended tool life and increased block protection.
Sandvik offers a wide range of R19 and 22 type conical tools, blocks and maintenance accessories.
Carbide tips can be selected to suit all possible cutting material properties.