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The Sandvik FS500 is a pre-engineered stand alone fixed fire suppression system suitable for all types of small vehicles, plant or equipment. It is a basic system for the protection of light vehicles with an engine rating of less than 125kW and not fitted with a turbocharger.

The FS500 greatly reduces risk to people and property by providing effective fire protection and therefore safer operating conditions. It has been specifically designed to suppress hydrocarbon fuel and oil fires by application of AFFF foam extinguishing agent.

Note: For equipment that is turbocharged, has a higher engine rating or requires additional functions such as automatic detection, alarms or engine shutdown, please refer to Sandvik FS1000 system.

Features and values

  • Dual activation of system discharge (electric and manual)
  • System cooling effect for superior post fire protection
  • High application rate for fast knock down of fire
  • Fire risk assessment for optimal system coverage
  • Flexible pre-engineered design to suit your application
  • Professional installation by Sandvik accredited personnel
  • Low running and maintenance costs