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Punch mining system

Punch mining system consisting of continuous miner and continuous straight line conveyor system.

Features and values

  • System demonstrates the principle of extremely fast straight line mining coupled with the flexibility of rapid re-covering of the system.
  • All necessary conveyor belt, conveyor structure and stringers are stored inside machine for rapid advance and retreat action.
  • The system is capable of getting relocated around corners via its onboard hydraulic and track system.
  • Short straight distances (punches) are up to 200 metres in length and can be cut/mined within a period of two 8-hour shifts.

Key specifications HB110

Main data
Nominal capacity
600 t/h
Material to be handled
0-200 m (180-610 ft)
Min. operating height
1800/1 200 mm
(71/47 in)
Project data
Project name
Punch mining system
Year of delivery