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Fire protection equipment

Sandvik foam fire suppression systems are designed for on-board fire suppression on vehicles, mobile or transportable equipment and the protection of the personnel operating these machines. Maximum application and installation flexibility through a wide range of systems and options ensures optimum protection and performance. Suitable for equipment used in underground and surface mining, exploration, construction, forestry, agriculture, transportation and materials handling. The systems have been specifically designed to suppress hydrocarbon fuel and oil fires by application of a film forming foam through a series of strategically placed spray nozzles. System layout and coverage is determined by an individual fire risk assessment for each system installation. All Sandvik fire suppression personnel take part in regular training sessions and suitably trained and qualified personnel are issued with an accreditation certificate as proof of their competency. Sandvik can also provide you with a range of hand held and mobile fire extinguishers for any type of application.

Heavy vehicle fire system FS1000

The patented Sandvik FS1000 is a fixed pre-engineered stand alone loss of pressure type foam fire suppression system that requires no electrical or gas cartridge activation devices. A simple release of the stored pressure in the activation line will initiate the system discharge.

The flexibility of the design and availability of a range of different size tanks makes it possible to custom fit the system to any equipment.

Brass fittings and stainless steel tanks provide excellent product durability.

Tank size Foam Capacity Foam Type Weight (empty) Weight (charged)
20 Litres 17.5 Litres AFFF or FFFP 18 kg 36 kg
25 Litres 21.5 Litres AFFF or FFFP 22 kg 44 kg
45 Litres 38 Litres AFFF or FFFP 39 kg 78 kg
65 Litres 54 Litres AFFF or FFFP 48 kg 103 kg
110 Litres 82 Litres AFFF or FFFP 67 kg 150 kg

Light vehicle fire system FS500

The Sandvik FS500 is a pre-engineered stand alone fixed fire suppression system suitable for all types of small vehicles, plant or equipment.

It is a basic system for the protection of light vehicles with an engine rating of less than 125 kW and NOT fitted with a turbocharger.

For vehicles that are turbocharged, have a higher engine rating, or require additional functions such as automatic detection, alarms or engine shutdown, please refer to our FS1000 system.

Tank size Foam Capacity Foam Type Weight (empty) Weight (charged)
12 Litres 9.6 Litres AFFF 9.1 kg 18.7 kg

Fire extinguishers

Sandvik distribute a basic range of hand held and mobile fire extinguishers.

This includes Dry Chemical Powder (DCP), water and foam extinguishers.

Models DCP
(Dry chemical powder)
(Aqueous film forming foam)
Hand held extinguisherss 0.75 to 9 kg 9 litres
Mobile extinguishers 25 to 50 kg 50 litres