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Formed Rollers

With the new HM100 series rollers, an intelligent design and sophisticated manufacturing process gives a more straightforward product – with superior characteristics. Designed for highest loading capacities and belt speeds, formed rollers offer special features such as long life, low weight, energy efficiency, low vibrations and decreased noise levels. Formed rollers are also available with hollow formed shafts instead of full steel shafts. Hollow shafts provide less deformation and lower weights.

Features and values

  • Heavy-duty loading capacity.
  • Special construction.
  • Solution also for very high speed belts, 5-11 m/s (16.4 ft/s) or up to 11 m/s (36 ft/s).
  • Long life, low weight, low vibrations and decreased noise levels.
  • Energy efficient.



In addition to the benefits of the HM140 roller, the HM150 series rollers are equipped with a flow formed roller shell.
The flow forming process delivers a shell of exceptional roundness and increased hardness, which is a key to success in mining conveyors and similar equipment. An increased wall thickness at the center of the shell allows for better loading capabilities with lower shell deformations. Flow formed rollers do not require machining and balancing, as TIR is extremely low and shell thickness remains constant, leading to better and long-life operation.
HM150 formed roller can be used as a garland roller or traditionally installed onto a roller frame.

Key specifications

Roller diameter
159, 178, 194 and 219 mm
6308, 6310, 6312
Shaft diameter
40, 50 and 60 mm
Roller length
380 - 1450 mm

HM140 END-FORMED STEEL ROLLER - former name HV140/150 rollers

The HM140 end-roller is environmentally friendly thanks to the lower power requirement compared to a conveyor system with conventional rollers, which leads to decreased CO2 emission. Furthermore, the HM140 end-formed rollers’ reduced noise level brings added value to the working environment. Due to the high accuracy and quality in the production and assembly, initial bearing misalignment in these rollers is effectively diminished. The HM140 end-formed rollers can be supplied to exceed CEMA D, E and F standards and can be produced as carry-, return rollers and garlands.

Key specifications

Roller diameter
102-203 mm
6306, 6308, 6310,6312
Shaft diameter
42-62 mm
Roller length
250-2500 mm