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Disc Return Rollers

Disc return rollers are used on the return side of the conveyor where carry back adheres to the belt and becomes deposited on the conveyor roller. Depending on application, two versions of support rings are available; the pointed end shape “A” support ring can be combined with the “straight” shape “B” ring for a belt edge with areal contact. Besides the rubber disc types A and B, return idlers can be equipped with polyurethane discs. The dimensions and the shapes of the buffer rings have been largely determined by experience. Special attention is placed on the tight fit of the rings to the idler. Due to the rubber rings installed onto the steel roller, carryback gets broken and falls out, and roller lasts longer.

Features and values

  • Absorb weight.
  • Reduce mislalignment.
  • Specially advantageous with sticky materials on return side.
  • Greased for life.
  • Prevents material buildup.
  • Available with rubber discs for normal applications.
  • Available with polyurethane discs for highly abrasive applications.
  • Available with FRAS discs for underground coal mines.
  • Suitable for belts with high levels of carry back.


HR100 - GST/RA/RB/LA - former HM100

In light duty conveyors, places where the conditions need better sealing for bearing, return rollers can have inner roller according to steel roller GST/TS/TSE.

Key specifications

Roller diameter
89-219 mm
Shaft diameter
25-40 mm
Roller length
100-3000 mm