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The Sandvik hard rock miner MH620 is a heavy weight class roadheader designed for rapid roadway development to cut hard and abrasive rock. With ICUTROC cutting technology, the MH620 can exceed limits of the operational range as given for other roadheaders.

Features and values

  • Capable of cutting very hard rock economically
  • Integrated high pressure pick flushing system - increased safety and pick life
  • Low rotation speed of the cutter head and high installed power - minimum dust development
  • Low ground pressure of crawler tracks
  • No movements of crawler chains during sumping the cutter unit - no destruction of floor in soft conditions

Key specifications


Machine weight
120 t
Machine length
12.2 m
Machine height
2.8 m

Cutting profile

Cutting height
5.3-5.8 m
Cutting width
8.0-8.8 m

Installed electric power

Total installed power
555 kW
Cutter motor power
300 kW