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Hand-held rock drills

Sandvik offers a range of hand drills, leg drills and feed drills for drilling of small holes in narrow faces, secondary drilling in quarries, block cutting in dimensional stone industry and all types of light duty construction work.

Models Former name Weight
Overall length
Piston diameter
RD160 Hand drill TY16 Hand drill 17 559/180 60/60
RD240 Hand drill TY24 Hand drill 23 610 66,7
RD620 Hand drill Ty62 Hand drill 13 495 62
TY16 Leg drill outgoing model 16 550 60
RD245 Leg drill TY24 Leg 26 660 66,7
RD855 Leg drill TY85 Leg drill 25 615 85
RD850 Feed drill TY85M Feed drill 26 533 85
RD285 Leg drill TY280 Leg drill 31 675 76,2