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Rotary bolting tools

Below is a presentation of Sandvik's range of Rotary drilling tool systems for roof bolting.

Drilling Tool Systems

Drill bits

Sandvik drill bits use unique carbide grades developed through years of experience and testing. Drill bit bodies make use of precision hardened Nickel Molybdenum steel and compound curve body designs to maximize cutting efficiency and cuttings removal.

Wet drill rod

Hollow 22 mm hexagonal or round drill steel / or lightweight, high-strength 19 mm alloy drill steel with 26 mm scroll used to auger cuttings from hole; Sandvik’s 25 mm square drive provides locking ability into suitable drive chucks; For use with M16 bits

Direct drive drilling systems

Sandvik’s patented Direct Drive Drilling System is far superior to conventional drilling systems for 4 main reasons. It is safer, faster, easier and smarter.


Sandvik provides accessories to assist with tool and machine maintenance