Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Underground drill rigs

Sandvik underground drill rigs come in five product families: mining jumbos, rock support drill rigs, secondary breaking drill rigs, and tunneling jumbos. Each is specifically designed to suit the particular application in question. Equipped with high-performance hydraulic rock drills, ergonomic controls, and various levels of automatic drilling systems, they are highly productive, extremely reliable, and economical to use. In addition, Sandvik underground drill rigs are characterised by ease of operation and maintenance.

Drill rigs

Mining jumbos

Sandvik mining jumbos come in a wide range of sizes, including low profile and narrow vein units. They are designed for underground mine development and small scale tunneling applications. They can also be utilized in bolt-hole drilling, cut hole drilling and short-hole production drilling.

Rock support drill rigs

Sandvik rock support drill rigs are designed to drill holes and install bolts rapidly after blasting. Rock support drill rigs can handle all typical bolt dimensions and any types of commonly used bolts, including cable. The full bolting cycle can be conducted safely by one operator.

Tunneling jumbos

Sandvik tunneling jumbos come in a wide range of sizes with 2-4 booms and optional charging basket. Available with high levels of automation, they are designed for long rounds and very fast cycle times.

Secondary breaking drill rigs

Sandvik secondary breaking drill rigs increase your productivity by breaking oversized boulders, without the need for explosives and time-consuming ventilation and evacuation measures. Remote control operation removes users to a safe working distance.