Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Conveyor components

With more than 100 years of experience in the field, Sandvik focuses on developing and manufacturing conveyor components to meet customer needs in the mining and construction applications. Sandvik’s complete offering includes rollers, frames, pulleys and belt cleaners, safety and control devices, and dust control systems, with an emphasis on performance and reliability, easily available through the global Sandvik network. Through innovation in design and manufacturing techniques, we provide products that support modern mining practices, both as original components or as replacements in existing systems.


A wide range of rollers, from standard belt-conveyor rollers to shaft-free, rubber-disk return, rubber impact, and aluminum rollers.


Complete frame- and -roller assemblies; painted or hot galvanized. For belt widths from 350 to 3200+ mm.

Frames and belt trackers

Light, medium and heavy duty frames with optimal weight and loadability ratios. Trackers for belt centralization.


A wide range of light- and medium-duty standard pulleys and take-up devices to maintain belt tension. Heavy-duty pulleys for almost any application.

Belt cleaners

Belt cleaners for all types of belt and material, and for different economic factors and demands.

Safety and control devices

Emergency stop switches, detectors, limit switches, rotation indicators etc. for best safety and availability.