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Operator training

Every job site needs skilled, highly productive operators who understand the excavation process and know how a drill rig will behave in different kinds of rock conditions.

Sandvik operator training is all about enabling the operators to understand their role within the excavation process. It makes winning operators who manage even the most difficult rock conditions.

An interesting program and a solid result are quaranteed by a comprehensive training package consisting of a modular curriculum, modern learning tools and authorized professinal trainers.

Virtual training on a drilling simulator plays a key role in the operator training. It successfully combines theoretical knowledge with the wisdom of experienced drillers. It is a forgiving learning tool, allowing easy and safe practice. It also supplies an efficient way of learning the drill rig operation system and user interface. When operators enter real work, they can immediately focus on the main point - drilling.

Features and values

  • Risk-free practice - no danger to machines or people
  • Enables repetition of exercises and focusing on individual needs
  • Actual machines remain in productive work
  • Promotes efficient utilization of all the latest technical features in a machine
  • Advanced and accurate feedback
  • Helps choosing personnel

Key specifications

Module structure
Theory Basis for the exercises. Contents depend on the module but include themes such as introduction to the excavation process, drilling dynamics, drilling management, job site safety, etc.
Simulator exercises Pre-planned exercises focusing on different themes such as the use of boom & feed, the use of the rod changer, drilling, tramming, etc. Possibility to tailor to different skills levels. Includes work book exercises and briefing & de-briefing, too.
Real machine exercises Bone up on the same themes s the simulator exercises in an authentic job site environment with an actual drilling unit in a personal training session. Includes work book exercises and briefing & de-briefing
Practical exam Individual skills test at a site. Covers all areas of the module in question. Oral and written feedback from the instructor. Certificate when test passed and approved.