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Sandvik LH517 is a high capacity Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) developed specially for underground use. It features 6,5 m³ - 8,6 m³ bucket that is loaded in one pass.

Features and values

  • Unique way to fill the bucket -> Excellent bucket fill factor.
  • Small envelope size.
  • Low operating weight -> increased tyre life, reduced fuel consumption.
  • Excellent engine power to own weight ratio.
  • Improved diagnostics by electronic control system.
  • Easy troubleshooting.
  • Ground level daily maintenance.

Key specifications

Tramming capacity
17200 kg (38000 lb)
Breakout force, lift
343 kN (35000 kg)
(77160 lb)
Breakout force, tilt
289 kN (29450 kg)
(64930 lb)
Bucket range (SAE 2:1)
6.5-8.6 m³
(8.5-11.0 yd³)


Operating weight
44000 kg (97000 lb)
Total loaded weight
61200 kg (135000 lb)


Total length
11120 mm (438")
Max. width
3000 mm (118")
Height with canopy or cabin
2750 mm (109")
Ground clearance
505 mm (20")

Major Components

Diesel engine
Volvo TAD1361VE
Engine output
285 kW (388 hp) / 1900 rpm
Dana, 6422
Dana, 53R300