Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Rotary drilling tools

Sandvik tools and pipes for drilling blast holes, water wells, geothermal wells and utility holes are the key to higher productivity. As a world leader in rock drilling technology, we know exactly how the choice of bit can affect the performance of a drill rig and the overall cost of business. With different bit designs tailored for different types of rock, as well as extremely versatile models, we can optimize the performance of any rig to give higher productivity and lower total costs. The portion between the rig and the bit (drill string tools) is also critical to overall performance; now you can have one supplier for the entire operation.

Blasthole bits

Sandvik blast hole roller-cone bits deliver the highest penetration rate, longest service life, and lowest cost in any type of rock. Our product range includes both steel-tooth and tungsten-carbide roller-cone bits, the latter with either open or sealed bearings.

Models Bearing
RR440 sealed
RR320 air-cooled

HDD bits

Sandvik HDD roller-cone rock bits and reamers are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of horizontal directional drilling. The cutting structures and bearing designs lower torque requirements, resulting in higher penetration rates and longer operating hours. Sandvik HDD products enable contractors to drill and ream more and longer crossings in a single pass without the need to trip out.

Models Bearings Rock hardness
RR610 Open All formation types
RR620 Single sealed friction HDD applications up to 25,000 psi/170 mpa
RR640 Spinodal 2 single sealed friction HDD applications up to and exceeding
50,000 psi/345 mpa

Drill string tools

Sandvik drill string tools complement our line of bits and tools to give us the capabilities of providing a complete package of drilling consumables for all types of applications.

RP410 Drill pipe
RP442 Shock subs
RP424 Welded blade stabilizers
RP427 Roller stabilizers
RP432 Static deck bushings
RP434 Rotary deck bushings