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Warning devices

Warning devices from Sandvik are taking care of the conveyor and first of all the most expensive part of the conveyor, belt. The best guarantee for a trouble-free and economical operation is to prevent damages that might eventually happen in operation.

This selection of warning devices are designed to either stop the conveyor or just inform of the damages. These warning devices are based on the European standard EN620 and EN418 of the bulk handling conveyors. All devices are tested in the harsh climatic conditions in Scandinavia and can be ordered and operated individually.



Rotation detector stops the belt conveyor when the speed lowers under the nominated minimum speed, which is always caused by disturbances in operation conditions. ES10 is designed to be installed to the return roller support. Selection includes both compact pulse detector and proximity switch. Wide speed area runs from 0.1 m/s to 5 m/s.

Features and values

  • Guarantees trouble-free operation.
  • Economical.

Key specifications

Switch type
DI 0001, DI 0002, II 0012
Roller tube dia
63-108 mm
Roller outer dia
108-219 mm


The purpose of belt misalignment switch is to give a warning or/and stop the belt conveyor when the belt has moved too much sideways, which can cause damage of the belt or nearby structures. This switch selection can be used with upper or return belt. Available with two different switch options.

Key specifications

Switch type single contact
Switch type dual contact


The level limit switch is used for the upper limit controlling of powders, grain and crushed materials, as well as for jam alarms on conveyors and discharge chutes.

Key specifications

Switch type
Max length of cord
4000 mm
Max length of sensor rod
1000 mm


Sandvik HX235 is a membrane switch type of blockage detector. It is designed for the control of bulk material surface level in belt conveyor chutes and silos. The purpose of the blockage detector is to stop the feeding device and to prevent a bigger jam and the damages caused by that.

Key specifications

Maximum particle size up to
100 mm
membrane material
rubber, frame plastic (PA6-30G),
other parts steel and stainless steel
sensor operating temperature range


With the help of belt tearing detector, even large belt damages can be efficiently prevented. This device informs immediately of any occurred belt damages and can also stop the conveyor. ES 60 is designed for upper belt and ES61 for return belt.

Key specifications

Switch type
II 0011
Belt width
500 - 2000 mm