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Belt tracking roller

Sandvik tracking device automatically trains the belt and makes fast corrections in case the belt starts moving sideways - regardless if the reason is misalignment of roller frames, dirty belt or loading to one side of the belt etc.

Features and values

  • Immediate effect - fast automatic tracking response at the very first sign of deviation
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable steering strength
  • Models for single direction and reversible belts

Belt tracking roller

HM410 Belt tracking roller begins to guide the belt immediately after the sideways movement has happened. This tracking device can be used also with reversible belts.

Key specifications

Belt width
450 - 2400 mm (18"- 96")
Roller coating
Steel, rubber, polyurethane
Roller diameter
159, 219 mm (6.3", 8.6")