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Medium duty dead shaft pulley

Dead shaft pulleys have very high loadability capacity because of the unrotating shaft. This selection is also available as regreasable.

Features and values

  • High loading capacity.
  • Economical.
  • Available as regreasable.



This tail pulley construction has bearing housing bolted on the end plate of the pulley. The spherical roller bearing acts as a joint and thus reduces the tension against the end plate and shaft. Loading capacity comes higher because of the unrotating shaft.

Key specifications

Shaft diameter
40-100 mm
Tube diameter
215-1000 mm
600-2200 mm


This wing pulley is designed to be used as a tail pulley in places where material build up on the curving end of the conveyor. Pulley can also be used as bend pulley on the dirty side of the belt. The pulleys handles and the centre-body guide the material away from in between the belt and the pulley and prevents damages. Large crowning helps to keep the belt in the centre.

Key Specifications

Shaft diameter
40, 50 mm
Pulley diameter
200-320 mm
Wing length
340-1480 mm