Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Continuous-mining and tunneling machines

Sandvik continuous mining and tunneling equipment reflects the unique advantages of total in-house control over both the machines and their cutting tools. As a world leader in cutting systems and tool systems, we know how these elements interact. Our optimized cutting technology and machine design result in high productivity, long service life and low total costs.

Continuous hard-rock miners

Heavyweight roadheader for roadway development in harder, more abrasive rocks. High power, low rotation speed, low dust, low ground pressure.

Roadheaders - tunnel miners

Versatile roadheaders from 23-135 tonnes for excavating roadways, tunnels and galleries up to 60 m2 and for mining coal and minerals.