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Sandvik idler sets are precision-engineered for smooth operation, long service life and great operating economy. Consisting of the base frame and/or brackets complete with the roller or rollers, they are available in a wide range of designs for different placements, troughing angles and functional demands. Sandvik idlers permit great flexibility in conveyor design and can be fitted easily to existing structures.

Idler sets

Sandvik idler sets, available for all belt widths from 350-3500 mm, are equipped with quality rollers supported by close tolerance, duty-matched shafts, premium bearings and very effective seals. Renowned for high performance and great reliability, they are sealed for life and virtually maintenance-free. Frames and brackets can be supplied either galvanized or with a painted surface finish. Delivered as idlers with Sandvik frames, or provided with industry standard end fittings to replace rollers in customer’s existing installation.

HA200 series idler design manual

HA200 series idler design manual The Sandvik HA200 idler design incorpoates unique design features that ensure that our idlers perform to the highest of standards. This manual has been developed to allow engineers, designers and operators to properly select the correct Sandvik conveyor idler to suit the intended application.