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Roller frames

Sandvik manufactures HM300 conveyor frames for belt widths from 400 mm up to 2000 mm (16" to 88") to suit HM100 rollers. Sandvik idlers and frames are designed to maintain an optimum conveyor belt profile which in turn promotes low rolling resistance, excellent belt support, good belt guidance and long belt life. Manufactured with high-grade steel, all Sandvik frames provide minimal gaps between rollers and are designed to counteract material build-up. Jig-welded for high precision, they have great structural integrity and optimal weight-to-load capacity ratios.

Sandvik HA300 and HV300 series idler frames are designed for the HA100 or HV100 rollers. Available in a wide range of sizes for belt widths from 350 to 3500 mm (14" to 137") and in various designs for different placements, troughing angles and functional demands, they can be supplied either galvanized or with a painted surface finish. Sandvik idler frames permit great flexibility in conveyor design and idler replacement.

Features and values

  • High loading capacity
  • Prevents material for building up
  • Fastening through the flange

SL, SM and SH

The frames have been designed for roller diameters D133 and D159. The available belt widths and shaft diameters are in the enclosed specifications.

Key specifications

Belt width
650 - 1600 mm
Roller diameter
133 - 159 mm

HA200 idlers (rollers and frames)

Key specifications

The industry accepted nomenclature for conveyor idlers is that a conveyor Idler = Frame + Rollers. This distinction is often overlooked and as a result care must be taken when purchasing replacement components that an idler is not specified when only a replacement roller is required.

Key specifications

Switch type single contact
Switch type dual contact