Advanced Mining offers the world's widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition, bulk-materials handling and equipment for surface and underground mining.

Dimensional stone drill rigs

Sandvik drill rigs for the dimensional stone industry are designed to drill straight, accurately placed holes quickly, safely, efficiently and economically. Covering applications such as channeling, line drilling, splitting, trimming and pilot-hole drilling, they are available in various designs, each equipped with powerful, energy-efficient hydraulic rock drill(s), ergonomic controls and efficient dust collector(s).

Dimensional stone drill rigs

Sandvik drilling equipment for the dimensional stone industry (DSI) include compact rig assemblies for attachment to carriers such as hydraulic excavators, as well as complete, self-propelled, diesel-powered drill rigs that are completely self-contained. What all our equipment have in common is excellent functionality, semi-automation, high productivity, great reliability and low operating costs.

Models Former name Rock drill Drill steel
Control system Chain feed Weight
DQ440 Tamrock Trimmer 440 HEX 1x4 H19/H22 4xTA341E,
radio remote
4xCF 100x24 4500
DQ240 Tamrock Trimmer 240 HEX 1x2 H 19/22 2xTA341E,
electric remote
2xCF 100x24 2900

Models Former name Hole range mm Rock drill
Compressor Engine Weight
DQ500 Tamrock Ranger SW 45-89 HL 510,
5.8 cu.m/min/
4-10 bar
129 14800