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Pneumatic rock drills

Below is a presentation of Sandvik's range of Pneumatic rock drills.


RD160 Hand drill

former name TY16

RD160 is light-weight and easy to handle. It is a very effective unit for drilling of narrow faces, in poor footing ground or for secondary drilling and other light jobs. Although a portable machine, its drilling speed is high and the drill excels in durability and stability.

RD240 Hand drill

former name TY24

RD240 is an economical rock drill with powerful torque and percussive forces, and it is designed for long hole drilling. Its powerful torque and percussion, generated by the long stroke mechanism and the high efficiency tubular valve, enable a superb performance for drilling down to about six meters and is making the drill efficient in hard rock. The design of RD240 makes it drill fast and efficient and the machine is also durable and easy to handle.

RD620 Hand drill

former name TY16

RD620 is the smallest and lightest of all our rock drills, weighing only 13 kg. It is easy to operate and useful for many kinds of jobs, such as drilling in confined spaces, for secondary drilling in quarries, or for any light duty construction work. Despite its small body, it has all the functions required of a rock drill. It is highly reputed for its excellent durability, convenience and economy.

RD245 Leg drill

former name TY24L

Unlike conventional leg drills designed primarily for maximum drilling speed, the RD245 features a sound balance between the leg and the drill. This ensures stabilized operation through a wide range of drilling angles. Moreover, the leg absorbs the drill vibrations so effectively that the operator can use it for many hours of speedy drilling operation without excessive fatigue. Another feature is the concentration of all controls on the back head of the drill. This enables the operator to control the drill quickly and easily. The leg is as light-weight as it can be.

RD855 Leg drill

former name TY85L

RD855 is a middle-weight leg drill. It has many outstanding features not available on similar sized leg drills.

RD850 Feed drill

former name TY85M

RD850 is a stripped version of the middle-weight rock drill RD855 and is intended for mounting on a feed for block cutting in dimensional stone quarries. RD850 has the same features as RD855, the difference is that the control components for percussion, rotation and flushing are removed since the rock drill is supposed to be controlled from a rig.

RD285 Leg drill

former name TY280

RD285 with its high drilling performance is most suited for quick drilling operations. Its powerful percussion and torque ensure a fast drilling speed in any rock formation. All internal parts are wear protected and highly durable which in turn results in low spare parts cost and enables the drill to maintain its high performance for a long period of time.