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Driller's Office

Driller’s Office is a practical software tool for surface drilling process management, offering better drilling accuracy, hole quality and blasting results. Designed to simplify and improve the efficiency of surface drilling management in particular in quarrying applications, it covers drill plan design, drilling data management and reporting.

The easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software follows “job site logic” and features clear and simple visualizations of the drilling pattern and terrain models in 3D. Streamlining management work and removing obstacles between your planning skills and the actual drilling work, Driller’s Office translates into considerable savings in time and money, as well as improved job site safety.

Sandvik Driller's Office tool is available for all TIM3D-ready surface drills.

Features and values

  • Drill Plan Wizard - for quick creation of basic drilling plans
  • Drill plan editor for creating more advanced plans based on real-life data
  • Time and money saving - no need for measuring and marking at site
  • Improved job-site safety
  • Real-time feedback on drilling process