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Safety and control devices

Sandvik offers a range of high-quality safety and control devices to help safeguard your personnel, equipment and materials. Products range from essential pull-cord emergency STOP switches, belt alignment controls and rip detectors to alarms, rotation and speed monitors, flow controls, level switches and wire-mesh safety guards. The aim is to ensure safe, trouble-free operation and smooth conveyance.

Electrical safety and control devices

Sandvik electrical safety and control devices are designed variously to stop the conveyor in emergencies, monitor belt alignment, check rotation, material flow and product levels, detect blockages and tears in the belt, emit warning signals and isolate the conveyor. By selecting the right combination of controls, you can maximize safety, minimize stoppages, prolong belt life and raise efficiency.

Models Function
Emergency devices Stop the conveyor
Warning devices Activate alarm(s) and/or stop the belt, or emit signals

Mechanical safety devices, hatches etc

Sandvik offers a standard range of rigid, hot-galvanized wire-mesh safety guards, together with a range of brackets and fasteners, to enable gaps to be covered easily and prevent accidental intervention into the moving parts of the conveyor. We also offer a series of high-quality hatches to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of chutes, hoppers and the encapsulated moving parts of the conveyor.

Models Function
Safety nets Protect personnel from moving parts
Hatches Provide access for inspection and maintenance