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Sandvik belt conveyor rollers are designed for smooth rotation, low noise, long service life and great operating economy. Available in a wide range of types, sizes, designs and materials, they can be selected exactly to suit the speed, weight and width of the belt, the properties of the load and the full range of environmental conditions expected.

Steel rollers

Steel rollers Sandvik offers a wide variety of steel rollers for applications in the mining and construction industries. The focus is to provide a quality product suited to the application and customer needs. For high speed, high tonnage or low noise applications please see our HM150 formed technology rollers and our low noise machined and balanced rollers. For the latest technology in light weight rollers please consider the molded end cap (MEC) rollers or aluminum rollers.

Impact rollers

Impact rollers are used as carrying rollers instead of normal steel rollers at a loading point. On a steel roller, there are rubber rings assembled, side by side, to absorb the weight and impact of material falling onto the belt. Impact rollers reduce the schock and vibration through the steel structure.

Disc return rollers

Return rollers are designed to support the return belt. Disc return rollers are used on the return side of the conveyor where carry back adheres to the belt and becomes deposited on the conveyor roller.

Formed roller HM150

Sandvik HM150 formed roller is a unique design with an innovative production method. This component optimized, patent-protected roller consists of a load-resistant and flow-formed shell, formed bearing seats, forged hollow shaft and highly effective labyrinth seals. Based on the innovative design , the formed roller operates longer, more quietly and consumes less energy than traditional high-speed roller.

Low noise rollers (machined and balanced)

Low noise rollers (machined and balanced) Sandvik low noise rollers are dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and deliver extensive noise reductions over standard rollers. There are numerous examples where Sandvik low noise rollers have achieved an incredible 75% reduction in the noise levels produced by a conveyor. This is a change in sound levels of a massive 18 dB(A).

Unit handling rollers

Unit handling rollers and chain driven unit handling rollers are used in belt or roller conveyors transporting unit goods.

Aluminium rollers

Sandvik supply and manufacture a range of light weight rollers with an aluminium shell and end cap. These are available with a range of different bearing sizes. Aluminium rollers are corrosion resistant and more quiet than steel.

Molded end cap (MEC) rollers

The MEC provides a low noise roller without the need for machining or dynamically balancing. Sandvik’s high quality conveyor tube ensures dimensional accuracy, especially in the areas of wall thickness, roundness (TIR) and straightness. The non metallic end cap also dampens vibration which further reduces the roller noise.

Guide rollers

Sandvik Guide rollers are designed to prevent belt misalignment in light duty and medium duty conveyors. They are easy to install on both sides of the belt to the steel frame. Sealing and bearing construction are as in steel rollers.